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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jewelry and Clothing - Securing the Perfect Combination

Jewelry and clothing simply go hand in hand. While we define our particular styles through the clothes we don – accessories also play a pivotal role in showcasing our distinct and unique flares. From 
sterling silver pendants and charm bracelets to necklaces and even anklets – jewelry will always have a place at the fashion table. In fact, jewelry helps us tap into a myriad of fashionable trends – and while part of the overall style equation – how does one secure the perfect combination between apparel and accessories? According to industry experts, it is simply a matter of knowing which jewelry set or pieces works and effectively matches your personal décor.
Each Jewelry Piece Must Match the Occasion – and your particular taste
While there are no rules set in stone, today’s trendier styles tend to be less conventional than decades past. In fact, the digital age has seen a strong resurgence in wild and almost outlandish outfits and jewelry sets. No truer is this then when it comes to the fashion Mecca of the world – New York City. In recent years, the Big Apple has seen a strong return of charm and silver bracelets hanging on many a wrist. These accessories seem to go with practically anything you want to wear, including the sexiest nightclub outfits to conservative business suits.
Another past player has returned in a dramatic way as well. This, of course, is the traditional brooch, which is now being sported by countless men and women across NYC and the world. The brooch represents style and sophistication – while truly capturing the allure and essence of traditional jewelry wear. In a nutshell, no matter which jewelry piece you select, it should reflect your innermost tastes and preferences. However, it should also match your outfit and correlate with the occasion at hand.
Less is more – or is it?
When it comes to syncing your jewelry and wardrobe, the “less is more” approach always seems to work. In fact, you do not need overly large or extravagant jewelry just to make a fashion statement. For example: wearing a thin silver or gold necklace with a black dress is the perfect way to showcase style and class. The same can also be said for men that wear geometric or futuristic watches to enhance their look and appeal. In many ways, the more streamlined, polished, and centralized your look – the easy it is on the eyes.
There are some, however, that completely disagree with the current trends and norms. In fact, many of these individuals – both women and men – love testing the waters of jewelry and clothing combinations. This includes wearing long necklaces over ties for men, along with mix and match sets for women. Another popular constant is to choose jewelry that not only matches your clothes but also your skin tone. In fact, metals and gems can truly illuminate your natural skin tones, while enhancing your inner and outer beauty as well. There are a myriad of jewel stones and gems to select from: sapphire, amethyst, gold, and especially silver.
Handcrafted Mexican Silver and Turquoise Choker

While turquoise can bring out the natural color of your eyes, gold is considered perfect for brunettes. Silver seems to go with anything and everything – including casual apparel, sports attire and even the latest evening and social wear. From lavish and elegant dresses to trendy and fashionable suits, jewelry can truly accentuate and enhance the look of any designer or homemade outfit. It’s simply a matter of finding the right items and accessories that not only looks right – but makes you feel great as well.


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