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Friday, August 15, 2014

Unexpected Occasions Where Mexican Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

Mexican Silver Jewelry Makes a Great Gift Anytime

We all know engagements, birthdays, and anniversaries are great reasons to buy jewelry for a loved one. Here are some lesser-thought-of times when a quality piece of jewelry can be a great surprise for someone you care about.

New Job/Promotion

When your friend or loved one gets the job of their dreams, they need something that’s going to make them feel great walking in the door on the first day. A piece of beautiful silver jewelry can be just that thing!

New Baby

Being a new parent is exhausting. While it’s easy to remember to buy gifts for the child, don’t forget the mother and father! Jewelry is a great way to remind them they’re important as well. Mexico Sterling has a wide selection of unique handmade jewelry for any and every occasion. Handmade in Mexico, shipped all over the world.

Why Jewelry From Historic Taxco, Mexico is So Unique

High-quality, unique silver jewelry from Mexico

Taxco is a small but thriving city that has made huge historical contributions to the country of Mexico. Taxco is known for their jewelry, and this is why.

Early Center of Industry

In the 1800’s, Taxco was a center of mining. Stones were mined and used for decorative and ritual purposes, leading to an early importance of art and jewelry that is still seen today.

Silver Smithing

Taxco’s current economy is built around silver, mined just outside the city. This high quality silver is seen in locally-made jewelry that lasts over time.

Rich Artistic History

Since many important designers made their home in Taxco, including Hector Aguilar and Margot de Taxco, these beautiful design elements still find influence in jewelry from the area. For the highest quality, most unique jewelry from the Taxco area, Mexico Sterling offers handmade jewelry no matter where in the world you are.