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Friday, April 12, 2013

Online Silver Jewelry

The quality and designs of wholesale .925 silver jewelry from Taxco, Mexico brings some of the finest jewelry pieces to the internet as well as brick and mortar stores. The silver from Taxco is traditionally very pure and of high quality. The artisans in Taxco use wholesale silver charms as well as local metal symbols to decorate their pieces.  Affordable prices can be found when you purchase unique silver rings plus pendants bracelets and necklaces. Most fine Mexican handcrafted jewelry is augmented with wholesale silver chains that are of equal value.

Online silver jewelry provides a vast array of Mexican silver jewelry plus gifts and silver plated display ware. You can find awesome jewelry designs in silver earrings, onyx gemstone rings and fine wholesale .925 silver jewelry that is guaranteed to be from Mexico.

Spratling Inspired Silver Jewelry

William Spratling is the father of Mexican silver jewelry. His designs used wholesale silver chains as well as oxidized silver pieces incorporated into carvings inspired by pre-Colombian art. The town of Taxco and its silver economy would be very different without the help of William Spratling. He recognized the importance of the culture of silversmithing and formed artistic silversmith shops to bring Taxco silver into the forefront of silver jewelry making.

The first design inspired by William Spratling is a period necklace that is now available as a model to produce fine jewelry at wholesale jewelry supply stores. When first produced, this piece was featured in Spratling's wholesale .925 silver jewelry catalogues.

In June 1931, Spratling had one silversmith, Artemio Navarrete who created silver jewelry form Spratling's designs. Using wholesale silver chains as part of the pieces, Spratling's designs began an industry that was based on an apprentice system. Within two years Spratling would have two more master silversmiths and a dozen apprentices. Spratling's business was growing and silver designs were being produced.
Using wholesale jewelry suppliers from the United States, unique pieces of jewelry were hammered out and utilized the natural gemstones and stones from the area where unique silver rings were created. Spratling did not use the oxidized silver methods as often as some of his successors, but now some of his pieces have oxidized to the gorgeous dark patina of fine antique jewelry.

If you are looking for 100% authentic Spratling inspired or Spratling manufactured pieces, you can find these pieces marked with his primary hallmark or name and initials that were popular in that time period. If the silversmiths left enough flat apace on the jewelry piece a silver content mark was included. During Spratling's early years a marking of the place of design was also included. The styles of hallmarks changed over Spratling's thirty six year career and to find the best Spratling pieces you may have to do extensive research.

If you are interested in trying your hand at jewelry making and handcrafting, you can search your wholesale jewelry supply stores for tools, wholesale chains and charms as well as unique rings that can add to your collection.

Monday, April 8, 2013

History of Wholesale Silver Suppliers in Mexico

Taxco, Mexico claims to be the foundation of sterling silver. Mexican sterling silver has been traced to the days of Cortez who trekked across the Mexican peninsula in the 16th century. In Taxco Cortex staked his claim on the silver mines that were prevalent in the hills surrounding a very small village.  Silver was quickly found to be perfect for jewelry making and by the17th century Taxco’s sterling silver adorned the royals of England, France, Spain and Germany. Unfortunately the mining industry of Taxco lapsed into obscurity by the 18th century.

Don Jose De La Borda rediscovered Taxco’s rich silver and hacked his way to a rich vein of silver in the local rocks. Jose De La Borda became extremely wealthy and built up the town of Taxco. The famous Santa Prisca Cathedral of Taxco was funded by the silver from the mines around Taxco.

In the 1930s William Spratling arrived in Taxco and began encouraging the locals to develop silversmithing talents. This was the beginning of modern Taxco silver and Spratling’s designs are still copied because of their authenticity and uniqueness.

Where to Order Mexican Jewelry

Buying Mexican jewelry from wholesale silver suppliers or in the streets of Taxco you will find that fine silver jewelry from Mexico is highly regarded because of elegant designs and the fine quality of the silver. Purchase unique rings or wholesale silver charms from online retails that specialize in Taxco silver. Taxco silver is the metal of history and Mexican kings; European royalty and international fashion designers wear Taxco jewelry. Look for fine Mexican sterling silver on the internet and through high quality websites that sell through online catalogs.

Wholesale silver jewelry suppliers carry fine handmade jewelry and offer quality products at reasonable prices. There are fashion designers who work exclusively with certain artisans from Guerrero, Chiapas, Jalisco, and specifically Taxco. These jewelry designers create unique silver rings that are made only once. If you want wholesale silver chains for day or evening wear, look at premier jewelry websites.

If it is your dream to make custom jewelry, you an order from wholesale silver jewelry suppliers who will help you with the bits and pieces you need to make your one of a kind jewelry piece. Looking for high quality silver chains?  Look no farther than Mexican wholesale silver chains. You cannot go wrong with wholesale .925 silver jewelry pieces.

You may find that wholesale silver jewelry suppliers carry modern Mexican pieces as well as traditional and oxidized silver pieces that resemble antiques. It is impossible to shop online at a Mexican sterling silver shop and not be able to find something that will appeal to your style.

If you’re familiar with the history of Taxco sterling silver and want to find vintage pieces, search through the onlinesilver catalogues of Avila. You will discover that vintage sterling silver from the 1290s to the 1940s are highly sought after by collectors. These period pieces have high historical value and many of these pieces reputed to be investment value.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fine Wholesale Silver Jewelry from Mexico

Silver is classified as a metallic element and the chemical symbol for silver is Ag. In chemistry books the atomic number for silver is 47 or a soft and white precious univalent metal that has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal.

Since ancient times silver has been cherished as the metal of kings and no matter where in the world you mine silver it is basically the same soft precious metal. Silver is used in jewelry making as well as silverware or eating utensils. Silver can also be crafted into serving pieces as well as decorative art. As a leading producer with an impressive history of silversmiths, Mexican silver and silver jewelry stands out as some of the finest quality silver jewelry pieces and artwork in the world.

Mexico is a leading producer of silver and when you think of silver jewelry from Mexico you should think of Taxco silver. Taxco is associated with fine wholesale .925 silver jewelry and the famous silver craftsmen who still live and work in Taxco.  Since the 1700s when rich silver deposits were discovered in Taxco, silver has been mined in and around Taxco. Visitors from all over the world still travel to Taxco to find the finest sterling silver jewelry available.

Mexican Silver

Standards may vary worldwide, but the majority of Mexico silver is graded at .925 or 92.5 percent pure. Purity can range from .925 to .999 and wholesale jewelry suppliers stamp their pieces with these purity ranges. It is also possible to find wholesale silver rings that simply say “Silver made in Mexico” or “Mexico silver.” There are also wholesale silver chains that may feature an eagle stamped into the clasp as well as a number that designates the mine or place where the piece was crafted.

When silver is combined with other metals, usually copper, it is classified as sterling silver. There must be 92.5 percent silver in a jewelry or art piece to be stamped as Mexican sterling. Alloys are used to strengthen the silver; pure silver is very soft and would not be acceptable for wholesale silver rings or chains.

Silver has been found to be a great conductor for electrical currents and is used in several industries for electrical stabilization purposes. It is interesting to note that the silver jewelry you wear as a unique ring or necklace is actually made from a metal that has a very practical use in commercialization.
Wholesale Silver Suppliers

Every piece of wholesale silver jewelry that is offered from online websites and in catalogues, requires a minimum purchase quantity in order to receive the exclusive wholesale price. Pieces that are made from original molds such as from Avila Taxco silver jewelry, or William Spratling’s designs can only be sold in sets.

Do note that wholesale silver suppliers customize their jewelry pieces. You will need to be patient when ordering a customized piece. Fine handcrafted sterling silver pieces can take up to five weeks before they are ready for shipment.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Innovative Taxco Silver Cuff, Called Infinite

One of the most airy and beautiful bracelet cuffs from Taxco is the Infinite cuff bracelet with its different and unique silver threads all woven together to create a very exclusive piece that looks insubstantial, but is really very sturdy. The thin bars of silver are woven and worked into a frame of sterling silver and the style itself is open for ease of wearing. The finish is highly polished sterling silver and the artist’s mark is included on the piece.

This cuff bracelet weights a total of 48 grams or 106 ounces and sits on your wrist or forearm with grace and a sense of lightness. The decorative spheres that float on this piece are totally movable and can be placed anywhere on the bracelet that you desire. Set them all in a row, or make a design unique to you. The bracelet is two inches wide and includes a circumference of seven and a half inches. Shiny, gorgeous, and made from Taxco sterling silver, whatever way you choose the wear this cuff bracelet you will find that friends and acquaintances will admire your impressive arm piece.

Designed in Taxco silver and handcrafted by Mexican artisans who were highly inspired by Hector Aquilar. Aquilar was one of the greatest silversmiths in the world and his home town of Taxco continues his legacy. Aquiliar’s molds for cuff bracelets are still used by many artisans, yet the pieces are made by hand which brands every single bracelet unique. There are no two jewelry pieces exactly alike.

History of Taxco Silver

Taxco has always had a reputation of fine silver mining and craftsmanship, and the visits of William Spratling to Taxco in 1926 thought 1928 provided Spratling with the inspiration to open a shop that employed weavers, copper and tin smiths and silversmiths. Thousands of tons of silver had been sent from Taxco to the old world for many centuries and now Spratling had the inspiration to make silver jewelry in Taxco, sell it, and bring the money back to Mexico.

As the popularity of Taxco sterling silver jewelry increased, Spratling developed a system of apprenticeship in silversmithing. Those who showed the most promise worked under the direction of highly artistic silversmiths. Most of these highly expert craftsmen later opened their own shops and still credit their expertise to William Spratling and his apprentice system. Look for William Spratling inspired cuff bracelets that use indigenous semi-precious stones such as amethyst and turquoise to compliment the silver designs. You can also find semi-precious stones of chalcedony, coral and obsidian and some tortoise shell in the design of cuff bracelets and other jewelry pieces inspired by Spratling. The molds and styles of Spratling are still used in Taxco silver strong and handsome cuff bracelets. Spratling’s use of mythical animals as well as ancient Aztec and Incan designs have made Taxco silver jewelry some of the most popular and collectible jewelry items in the

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Old Taxco Look Sterling Silver Braided Cuff

The artwork on this cuff bracelet was inspired by Old Taxco works with rope work braided and antiqued to include very detailed artwork. Three braids of “rope” fill the center of this cuff bracelet and the banding includes two rows of chainlike designs and a silver band enclosing all the artwork.
This cuff bracelet was inspired by craftsmanship form many years ago, but this bracelet is not as heavy as the original design. It is still, however, very definitive and elegant. It will make a statement of your fashion sense when you wear it.
A cuff bracelet is stiff in formation and usually wider than traditional bracelets. It can be worn open or closed on one end by an oval clasp or a hinge. Those who love cuff bracelets often wear them high on the upper arm. They can also be worn on the wrist. However you wear the cuff bracelet, it sends a powerful message.

Made in solid silver this cuff weights a total of 66.7 grams or 2.1 ounces. It is one and five eighths inches wide and does have an inside circumference of seven inches. It can also be measured from six and a half inches to the seven and three quarter inches.

No handmade piece will ever be exactly alike. This is the quality and uniqueness of each silver bracelet and jewelry piece made by Taxco craftsmen. You can be guaranteed that your piece will be unique and original from all the rest. Ordering handcrafted Taxco silver jewelry guarantees that no two pieces are even exactly the same.

To authenticate your sterling silver braided cuff look for the hallmark information on the inside of the cuff. Every one of Spratling’s designs carries the Spratling philosophy “Worthwhile silver requires that it be identified with the name and reputation of its maker.” Hallmark information should have initials that identify the artist of the piece, the place of manufacture, and the silver content of the jewelry. However, the most important authentication of Taxco sterling silver jewelry is the initials and of the designer or the design house.

Taxco Silver

Taxco silver became and is still famous because of the efforts of William Spratling an American native who lived and worked in Taxco, Mexico from the 1930s to the late 1960s. Spratling found his way to Taxco, Mexico where he became known as an innovative and talented designer of fine Mexican jewelry, tin, copper, silver hollowware and some pre-Columbian inspired furniture. Spratling was very sensitive to the early cultures of the Aztecs and pre-Columbians of Mexico and formed a model for the artistic development and growth of the silver industry in Taxco. It was Spratling’s goal to keep fine silversmithing alive and to create an industry for fine silver jewelry. Spratling is rightfully known as the Father of Contemporary Mexican Silver. His dream to create beautiful silver pieces started the flourishing silver jewelry industry in Taxco that continues into 2013.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Solid Sterling Taxco Silver Heptagon Screw, Unisex Ring

This absolutely stunning solid sterling silver ring is hand crafted in a very simple geometric or heptagon shape that almost looks like a shiny screw. This ring is proof that even very simple designs can be highly attractive and draw your eye to the wear’s hand. This ring is designed to be unisex and looks great on either a man or a woman. The clean and clear design of this ring makes it the perfect fashion accessory for any type of ensemble. Use your imagination with this heptagon ring. Use it as a napkin ring, or to tie a scarf or even to wear on a belt.

As with all Taxco sterling silver rings, this Heptagon screw ring is handcrafted and polished to a high sheen. The workmanship is expert and precise and the designer initials, Taxco (or place of origin) and silver content marks are discretely engraved on the inside of the ring.

This is a substantial ring that is somewhat heavy due to the silver content. It is half an inch wide and available in various sizes for both men and women. This gorgeous ring is a piece of jewelry that you would be proud to wear and pass on to your posterity.

Taxco Silver

Taxco de Alarcon or simply Taxco, Mexico is a small and picturesque city located in the State of Guerrero. The name Taxco may have come from a tall waterfall close to the town center, or from the translation “place of the ballgame.” Wherever the name came from Taxco lies in the heart of silver country and has been known for silver mining and the fashioning of silver into fine jewelry, silver flat pieces (trays, goblets, and bowls), and silverware. Taxco is a main tourism center for Mexico and silver shops line the main street. Taxco is one of Mexico “magical towns” due to the silverwork, mining and colonial constructions.

An American, William Spratling moved to Taxco in the 1920s and created a silver design workshop using local artisans. He exported his silver goods to the United States and Taxco silver soon became famous. Tourism exploded and commerce in silver items is now international. Most of the population is involved in the silver trade and to this day Spratling is honored as the founder of Taxco silver.

One of the area’s most well know designers is Hector Aquilar whose original molds are still used in crafting Taxco silver pieces. Pre-Columbian and Aztec designs are highly inspire Taxco silver crafting and the featured poison ring is a prime example of ancient Mexican art. You will find this same motif in many pieces of Taxco sterling silver jewelry and know that each piece is handcrafted. This makes no two pieces of jewelry alike; your piece will be extremely

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Solid Taxco Silver Bangle with Texture

Fine Mexican sterling silver bracelets are manufactured in Taxco, Mexico with high silver content and striking design. This particular piece of jewelry is a contemporary silver bracelet or bangle. A bangle bracelet is usually rigid and ring-shaped made without a clasp to just slip over your hand. At times there may be a hinged opening and a clasp, but this is somewhat unusual in a bangle style. You can wear a bangle bracelet high on your upper arm or if you want, around your ankle.

This particular piece is very simply designed and features a bit of a concave shape. As you look at this bracelet you will see a nice sense of depth with the borders standing out just a bit. The metal surface of the bangle is highly textured in a thread like pattern that makes you feel as if threads of silver form the bracelet. However when you touch the surface of the bangle you find the surface itself is smooth.

The bracelet is solid and substantial with a weight of 65 grams or 2.2 ounces. You will know it is on your wrist or arm or ankle and the feeling will make you feel rich. The bangle itself is three quarters of an inch wide and has an inside circumference of seven and three quarter inches. The inside is highly polished to a smooth texture to make the feel on your arm soft and comfortable.

Handcrafted and guaranteed to be unique, this bangle is highly affordable and is a piece that will go well with any other item of silver jewelry and compliment any type of ensemble. You can order the solid Taxco sterling silver bangle with texture and it will be delivered securely via FEDEX or UPS to anywhere in the world.

There is no better gift for the person who is highly discriminating and loves fine contemporary and elegant sterling silver jewelry. You will find that the artists mark is always on the inside of the bracelet and this is your assurance that it is real Taxco silver and made by hand.

Trivia of Spratling Taxco Silver

William Spratling revitalized the silver and tourist industry in Taxco, Mexico and his success and fame prompted the U.S. Department of the Interior to approach Spratling to include Alaskan students in his apprentice models. Students from Alaska joined Mexican students in Taxco and silver Alaskan native motifs combined with pre-Columbian artwork to flavor Spratling’s designs.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Taxco Oxidized Silver Cuff with Baroque Style

This is a very stunning cuff bracelet that is handcrafted then oxidized and raised embellishment polished. The workmanship is of high caliber and once you see the eclectic styling you will want this cuff in your jewelry collection. Every piece is guaranteed to be unique and warranted to be handcrafted; this makes it one of a kind.

To craft this cuff bracelet silversmiths use an overlaid embellishment technique. The first silver surface is oxidized using sulfur solutions and the ornamentation is then crafted in a lighter shade of silver that may or may not be oxidized. Overlay makes the silver color of the embellishments stand out. The curves and spheres in this overlaid design give this cuff bracelet intriguing elements that will go well with any wardrobe style. Unusually crafted with a large center piece, the bracelet tapers and the cuff style itself is open for ease of wearing on any size wrist.

You can always order this silver cuff bracelet with a smaller or larger inside circumference to fit your arm and wrist. As a note, the oxidized silver cuff bracelet is two and one eighth inches wide at the centerpiece and has an inside circumference of seven inches. The interior of the bracelet is silver rubbed to a high sheen and a smooth texture.


Taxco, Mexico is the heart of Mexican silver jewelry crafting, silver mining, and tourists looking for silver bargains. Tourism is the main economic activity in Taxco, Mexico and tourists come to purchase silver, travel though the surrounding countryside and view the colonial construction that is still standing.

Silversmithing was invigorated in Taxco by American William Spratling who came to Taxco in the 1920s and hired artisans, craftsmen, and created a huge silver jewelry making industry.
Sterling silver jewelry is highly popular in Taxco shops, and oxidized silver is often used to describe sterling silver pieces that are treated to make these pieces look aged and old. Oxidizing sterling silver causes the silver itself to end up with a dark patina that consists of a thin layer of silver oxide.

Sterling silver jewelry is originally shiny in color, but many people prefer the dark and smoky color of oxidized silver. Oxidized silver can range in color from light gray to solid black, and when you polish oxidized silver the raised surface actually becomes shiny while the recessed surfaces retain their dark color. This creates an interesting variegated effect.

To form a piece that is oxidized, you need to expose silver or sterling silver to sulfur. Many craftsmen use sulfur potash to oxidize their silver jewelry. Potash which is also listed as “liver of sulfur” is mixed with water, then the silver piece is put into the sulfur mixture for a set amount of time until it reaches the a level of dark that is desirable. The jewelry piece is then taken out, rinsed and polished.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stunning Vintage Silver Cuff Bracelet

Handcrafted and intricately detailed this cuff bracelet is totally designed in Taxco silver and the style itself is inspired from the silver cuff bracelets of the 1940’s. Cuff bracelets are known to be a bit stiff, wider that a traditional bracelet and may be worn open or with a round or oval clasp or hinge. The usual style to wear a cuff bracelet is around the wrist and another very popular way to wear a cuff bracelet is around your upper arm. Either way you wear this gorgeous cuff bracelet, the magic of this vintage silver jewelry piece shouts “sophistication”.

This stunning model was created by using the pattern from a piece of antique jewelry as a representation and the design of this cuff is done so professionally that it difficult to tell the difference from the original. With detailing done to perfection right down to the swirls and the antiquing, this is a bracelet that would grace any jewelry collection. The metallic work on the bracelet is called repujado, also referred to as metal embossing. This type of intricate detailing can only be done by hand and those pieces done in the repujado style require deep concentration and a steady craftsman. It takes years of practice to be able to craft a jewelry piece in repujado.

Using a form of tar for fashioning the detail on the bracelet’s surface, Taxco craftsman form the twisted leaves, cut swirls and detail on the bracelet in the technique worn by Hollywood stars of the 1940s. Everything about this silver cuff bracelet will bring delight to the wearer and the price is perfect for those who are looking to invest in silver jewelry from Taxco.

This piece sits at one and on-eight inches wide on your wrist and the inside circumference is seven and three-quarter inches. It is substantial in weight with a total of 68.8 grams or 2.2 ounces. If you need the bracelet sized, the circumference can be designed to your specifications. When you order online or call customer service make sure you give the catalog number of BR2861; request your particular circumference or size. Your order can be shipped internationally and will be via UPS or FEDEX couriers.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Taxco Silver Bracelet

On the outskirts of Taxco is one silver mine that will soon be or has been closed down, but there will always be high commercial activity related to the crafting of silver jewelry and accessories.

Silversmithing was invigorated in Taxco by William Spratling who founded silver design workshops using local artisans and silver crafting talent. From the 1920s until today silversmithing has been a major economic force in Taxco and more than half of the town’s population is involved in the silver and tourism trade.

If you were to travel Taxco, Mexico you would find the streets lined with silver shops selling handcrafted jewelry, silverware and other silver goods. You will also discover that most of the silver pieces are handcrafted from silver mined from the local mines.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Gorgeous Taxco Sterling Silver and Turquoise Long Earrings

Some of the most gorgeous Taxco sterling silver and turquoise long earring made from Taxco silver are those from artisan Julieta Toledo. Her jewelry pieces represent her love for the sea and nature and this love reflects a sense of movement and delicacy that includes wavy shapes and handcrafted elegance.

The round turquoise stone in these earrings makes this set the perfect earring worn with any outfit, and these earrings are awesome when combined with a formal ensemble. The artistry is timeless and can be worn by anyone at any age with confidence and aplomb.

These gorgeous sterling silver and turquoise earrings are one and a half inches wide and two and a half inches long. They swing gently against your neck as you move and give the illusions of movement and grace. Those around you will be amazed at the elegance of these jewelry pieces and will definitely ask where you purchased them. Do let everyone know that each piece is handcrafted by Julieta Toledo whose designs are synonymous with unique. You will find that no two pieces are exactly alike. The jewelers mark is engraved discretely into each piece which gives you the assurance that your jewelry purchase is authentic Taxco silver.

If you look through online catalogs you will find that there are many awesome pieces handcrafted by Julieta Toledo. She has a matching pendant that compliments these earrings and there are bracelets and cuffs that carry the turquoise stone. Again remember that Taxco sterling silver jewelry is made to be highly detailed, handcrafted, and no two pieces will be exactly alike. This is the charm of handmade jewelry.

Taxco Silver

Although jewelry making has changed over the years with new markets being opened and closed and styles changing, Mexican and particularly Taxco silver jewelry has always been at the top of international jewelry markets and customer satisfaction. Unique and awesome silver jewelry pieces will always be the hallmark of Taxco silversmiths who retain the values and distinction that was brought to Taxco by William Spratling in the 1930s.

Jewelry making is highly respected and regarded as an art form and particularly in the city of Taxco, Mexico. William Spratling brought Taxco into the realm of silversmithing with his remarkable apprentice programs and love of Pre-Columbian and silver jewelry. There are hundreds of designs that can be made from Spratling’s molds and designs from the artisans of Taxco. Every piece will be and is handmade and these artisans hold the highest regard for their craft.

Hector Aquilar, one of the greatest silversmiths, has contributed to the silver jewelry industry in Taxco with his unique designs. Aquiliar’s molds use his unique style of silver crafting and all pieces are signed and stamped with his initials, Taxco and the silver content.  All modern silversmiths follow this same way of identifying their pieces which make Taxco sterling silver jewelry very high end.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Taxco Silver Poison Ring

This stunning and classic Taxco silver poison ring is totally hand crafted by Taxco artisans. The workmanship in excellent and this beautiful silver ring is hand polished and finished to give the art work engraved in the ring definition and design.

The rustic colonial Mexican handcrafting is finished in a style that makes this ring very unique. Crafted in sterling silver the ring itself holds a very nice gemstone in the opening or bezel. You can also fill in the center opening with plain silver for a totally unique look. Use this ring as your own personal pill box; just like the poison rings you see in Hollywood movies.

You can also put small devotional symbols under the stone or if you are a spy (heaven forbid) add a touch of cyanide dust. Whatever you wear the ring for it will last for generations due to the timeless design and stunning craftsmanship.

This particular Taxco sterling silver ring is one and a half inches long elongated on your finger, adjustable, and you can customize your ring in your particular size. The intricate detailing and swirls represent the best of elegant Mexican styling. 

Notice the swirls and cuts mirror the silverwork done by ancient Aztecs. On the website choose your favorite gemstone from Amethyst, green Venturine, and Sunstone, or Onyx gemstones. You may also order the ring with plain silver and customize the bezel at a later date. The clasp and opener on the ring is crafted so cleverly that they blend in with the design and become a part of the beauty of this poison ring.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

History of Taxco Silver and the Poison Ring

This ring takes the wearer back to the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s when Taxco’s jewelry was considered high fashion. People all around the globe are familiar with Taxco Mexican jewelry and purchase this jewelry for its ethnic and creative style.

This displayed poison ring is also known as a pillbox ring or described as a ring that has a storage section inside or under the bezel. In the sixteenth century poison rings were used to contain poison until the wearer could slip poison into the drink or food of an enemy. At times poison rings hold cyanide to provide a way for the user to commit suicide.

These rings became highly popular during the 17th century when locket or poison rings were used to hold perfume, locks of hair or devotional relics. Messages carried between political allies or even lovers were additional uses of these types of rings.

Taxco silver jewelry was awakened by William Spratling in the early 1920s and today’s revolving and unique selection of silver jewelry are all handcrafted by Mexican silversmiths who live and work in Taxco. Hector Aquilar, who was one of the greatest silver craftsmen in the world, is still the inspiration of these awesome silversmiths from Taxco. His designs and work in the ranchero style are echoed in this poison ring.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Silver Jewelry from Taxco, Mexico

It is no wonder that people from all over the world love Taxco Mexican jewelry. They are crafted in a style that sets them apart from any other silversmithing in the world. In the 1930s William Spratling became the father of Taxco silversmithing and used designs that were pre-Columbian motifs and early ranch life. Spratling used circular discs, balls and straps applied to rope designs and created a whole new industry of jewelry design and form. Spratling also used rosewood, gold and copper to weave unique and highly creative pieces of jewelry.

This same creativity has carried on to modern times where Taxco silversmiths continue the tradition of deep detailing along with handcrafting. Sterling silver pieces form Taxco, Mexico are not carbon copies of one another nor are they made in excess. Each piece is handcrafted and formed out of nearly pure Taxco silver and molded into the pieces you see in high end jewelry stores.

Trading on Spratling’s success, jewelry stores lining the market district of Taxco carry recognizable styles of clean designs and the appreciation of Mexican history. Over 120 employees worked in Spratling’s design studios in the 1940s and descendants of these designers still fashion jewelry pieces that are handcrafted to order. Every piece is signed with the designer’s initials, “Taxco”, and the silver content. This is one sure way of knowing that you are purchasing authentic Taxco sterling silver

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Unique Contemporary Taxco Sterling Silver Bee Earrings

These are the cutest bee earrings and are totally handcrafted in sterling silver. There is a great deal of detail and high creativity lovingly crafted into these pierced earrings. Wear them one time and these bee earrings will become your favorite ear pieces and the craftsmanship and silver content will ensure that these bees will be highly prized collector’s items in the years to come.

Highly handcrafted and creatively detailed these earrings are so intricate that you can actually see the folds on the wings of the bees and the hair on their backs. They are finished in shades of shiny and oxidized silver which brings out the detailing. You will be so amazed when you wear these earrings at the compliments and shrieks you hear. Taxco silversmiths had a great time creating such natural curiosities and only three words can adequately describe these earrings “Taxco Ethnic Wonders.”

These bee earrings are very well priced and are one and a quarter inch wide at their thickest point. They are only one inch long and will not interfere with your hairstyle or the scarves you choose to wear around our neck and close to your ears. Be funky and fun!  Order and wear these delightful little sterling silver earrings. You will also find matching brooches and bracelets available in the bee motif.

What fun these Taxco artisans had while crafting and forming these earrings. One can only hope they did not break the mold. All sterling silver pieces are handcrafted with deep detailing and expertise. You will not find any two pieces alike which makes their collectivity very high.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

History of Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Jewelry enthusiasts will definitely have Mexican sterling silver jewelry in their collection. Mexican silver is a secret among jewelry experts, but silver jewelry is quickly gaining interest due to the rich history and high quality of craftsmanship.
Sterling silver was fashioned in Taxco, Mexico and the creation of Mexican silver can be credited to Cortex in the early 17th century. In the Taxco area of Mexico the conquistador placed his claim of silver and began developing silver mines. Silver was mined, refined, purchased and used to make fine jewelry and ornaments. By the 17th century, Taxco sterling silver was sent to Spain, England, Germany and France. However, by the 18th century the silver mining industries of Taxco faded into obscurity.
Don Jose De La Borda brought Taxco's rich silver heritage back into popularity. De La Borda discovered a vein of silver in the local rocks, and his silver mine made him very wealthy. To show his gratitude De La Borda funded homes, schools, and Santa Prisca Cathedral. This giving fostered the tradition of giving back to Taxco by utilizing the Mexican sterling silver industry is still being carried on.
In 1920 college professor William Spratling, arrived in Taxco to find his fortune. He began encouraged local workers to develop silversmithing talents. As a result of Spratling’s dream, Taxco gained and still holds a worldwide reputation for having the most visually spectacular and high quality silver jewelry. In the world of Mexican sterling silver, jewelry designers like Chino Ruiz and Castillos are still viewed with respect for their silver craftsmanship. The demand for Castillos silver jewelry designs along with other Taxco designers is very high.